not entirely on break: #WWC Denver!

“sensory isolation room” #ForestRoom5

I woke up thinking i hadn’t done any coding while on my trip to Denver, but I went to a Women Who Code Denver-Boulder Python meetup so there! I hadn’t done anything more than the free intro data science Flatiron School exercises for Python so I didn’t come in with a particular project to work on, but it was nice to meet other women studying it and/or who already work in a role using that language.

Also, I’d never been to Denver Milk Market so I got to experience working there. I’m not a huge fan of even the fanciest of food courts generally as when I walk through I inevitably feel like I’m moving along a congested sidewalk and/or feel cramped. That said, the meetup was on the side of the space that is much more airy by I think Huckleberry Roasters at the entrance to a hotel there and that was a lovely space to work in as well as people-watch.

I am thinking at some point from this experience as well as having had a lovely chat at Abstractions II Conference with Zed Shaw that I’d be trying exercises again in Python soon. I’m grateful for each experience with friendly people in my small travels.

Deleted the picture I took from the meetup by accident – so now to remember this I have an entirely unrelated cubby at this bar I went to later on that night. If I think of a connection I will update this – don’t hold your breath. o_O