first WWC event: deploying a web app

Huge Office

I’m still super excited about going to a Women Who Code event for the first time. It was just over a week ago at the design and marketing company, Huge, in DUMBO.

Their office space is beautiful and I was excited to hear more about Huge in the intro to the workshop – I have been familiar with their design work, but didn’t know anything about their marketing or international impact.

I was nervous to meet everyone at the event though this is one of those things that makes no sense on the face since you are all going to the same event for likely similar reasons. It was so worth it! Everyone was so open about their background and I tried to be the same.

In addition to newbies and current programmers, I met one person who, as an admin, simply wanted to learn more about development to relate better to her team on the job. As someone who worked for years in HR, I know how important it is that each department or team flow together and just that she mentioned that as her reason for being there inspired me. That sounds corny, but it is what it is.

This workshop was an intro to deploying a web app, using Ruby, terminal, and Heroku – so intro to me for sure! I had no experience with Heroku’s tools and my only, albeit great, experience using Ruby at all was in going through some of Flatiron School‘s free online coursework. This was the result of my first attempt using Heroku: About Me Page.

Our instructor, Danielle Adams, has an outline of the workshop here which made the whole workshop easy to follow in terms of steps.

I’m so grateful to the Women Who Code community, especially the women who volunteered to help all the newbies at this event, and am really hoping I can go to another event soon!