not entirely on break #WWC Denver!

“sensory isolation room” #ForestRoom5

I woke up thinking i hadn’t done any coding while on my trip to Denver, but I went to a Women Who Code Denver-Boulder Python meetup so there! I hadn’t done anything more than the intro data science Flatiron School exercises for Python so I didn’t come in with a particular project to work on, but it is nice to meet other women studying it and/or who already work in a role using that language. Also, I had never been to Denver Milk Market so I got to experience working there.

I am going to try out more exercises in it just to explore, even if I know I’m about to be in my full-stack program in less than two weeks. I am thinking of using Codecademy, but we’ll see!

Deleted the picture I took from the meetup by accident – so now to remember this I have an entirely unrelated cubby at this bar I went to later on that night. If I think of a connection I will update this o_O